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Shiatsu Practitioner


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I am a fully qualified shiatsu massage practitioner with an established therapeutic practice in Brixton, South London at Yoga Point.

I have had an extensive career as a professional dancer studying many movement forms and I bring this experiential knowledge into my massage work. I use shiatsu to re-balance you physically and emotionally by releasing held tension and encouraging flow of energy.



Where and When

To book a session with me please email me at

or call 07951 718 851



Thursday 6.30pm - 9.30pm
12.00pm - 4.00pm

Yoga Point, 122 Dalberg Road, Brixton SW2 1AP |
07951 718 851



Thursday £55
Saturday £60


- concessions available on consultation

- block bookings are available at discounted rates



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What is Shiatsu?


deborah jones treating a patient using shiatsu


Shiatsu is a natural and holistic hands-on therapy.


Touch is the essence of Shiatsu- a holistic therapy that originated in Japan and literally translated means 'finger pressure'. Practitioners use their hands to apply pressure to specific points throughout the whole body to promote well-being. Shiatsu shares principles with Acupuncture and martial arts practices such as T'ai Chi and Qigong to promote good, strong flowing Qi or 'vital energy'.




Shiatsu can help resolve:
• Problems with muscles or joints
• Problems with body structure, i.e. back pain or posture
•Stress and tension
• Low energy or fatigue
• Problems with digestion, breathing or blood pressure
• Menstrual pain, pregnancy or postnatal recovery
• Emotional challenge



What Happens During Treatment?


Shiatsu is usually received lying on a futon on the floor but can be given on a treatment couch or whilst seated. You remain clothed, so wearing something light and comfortable is advisable. The session length is generally one hour.
[More] I will ask you about your symptoms along with any relevant medical history and you will then receive about 50 minutes of hands-on work. This will include joint mobilization and gentle stretching integrated with breathing awareness. Some aspects of the treatment are calming others may be more painful but on the whole shiatsu is profoundly relaxing.

Shiatsu is preventative because it supports the body's natural defences so regular sessions can improve your general health. I encourage clients to maintain a regular monthly appointment where possible.



As a triathlete having shiatsu treatments with Deborah has become part of my routine. The combination of stretching with massage allows my body to recover between hard training sessions or events. Highly recommendable! – D Giancristofano





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