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I qualified as a Shiatsu practitioner from the British School of Shiatsu-Do in 2003 and I have been in continuous practice ever since. I am a registered practitioner with the Shiatsu Society abiding by their code of conduct and ethics and I am fully insured. I am also a registered member of CNHC - The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.


A bit more

I initially trained as a dancer and aged 18 – 24 I danced with the Royal Ballet Company at Covent Garden, a completely formative experience. I left the ballet world to explore the Contemporary dance scene developing in London in the late 1980’s. I travelled Europe working with various independent dance makers for another 10 years before acknowledging a need to stop moving so much both geographically and physically.

I was drawn to body work whilst looking for a way to use the knowledge I had accumulated through years of physical fine-tuning. I chose shiatsu training over osteopathy and other forms of massage because it felt fantastic to receive and because during that major transition in my life I was in need of it myself. The philosophy behind shiatsu, in line with Buddhist teaching, is one of acceptance and practising self-kindness and shiatsu continues to surprise me in gentler and more subtle ways than I could have anticipated.



The additional skill that Deborah brings to this therapy is her years as a ballet dancer, as she understands the workings of the body intimately and is able to recognize and pin point the exact nature of an injury. After she sorted out an initial injury that needed attention, I have now included a regular Shiatsu session with Deborah as part of my fitness regime. I cannot recommend her treatment enough for keeping the neck, shoulders and back in good shape.
S. Jack 





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I initially came to Shiatsu as part of a treatment for Focal Dystonia but have found it consistently beneficial with regard to other physical problems and posture. Deborah is highly perceptive, sympathetic and patient (others have been driven to despair) and not only skilful in treatment but in offering excellent advice.
R. Hand

You instinctively knew where all the knotted muscles were to free me from great discomfort & pain. I've left each session not only pain free, but rejuvenated & with a feeling of total wellbeing. You do have the gift of healing. God bless you & thank you.
J. Oti

I have had a disc related back injury that has put a lot of strain and tension into my whole body.  I was offered a Shiatsu session at Laban Health with Deborah and I found it really beneficial. She showed a real sensitive engagement as well as a refined knowledge of the body through her touch.  All gentle pressure and manipulation was careful and flowing and she elicited feedback through the process so she was working with me and not on me. The work was subtle but with real depth and afterwards I felt fully grounded and centred: I could pull open heavy doors without effort or strain, my lungs felt open and I could take full breaths.  I felt that my body learnt something through this process.
M. Clarke


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Thank you so much for the massage. I felt truly exhilarated, energised and pain free. More please!
P. Massey

The range of mobility in my shoulder is so much better since seeing you.
V Allen




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